Advanced Technology That Enhances Patient Care

Image of an advanced technology device called an intraoral scanner.Advanced technology is a cornerstone of Periodontal Associates’ high quality of treatment. Dr. Tanur and Dr. Ovadia have outfitted their practice with a wide range of advanced digital and 3D technology to ensure their patients enjoy a safe and comfortable experience and great results. The newest addition to their high-tech arsenal is the Medit i500 Intraoral Scanner.

What Is It?

The new intraoral scanner is a chairside scanning system used to capture digital impressions of the patient’s mouth. A handheld wand records details of the upper and lower dental arches, including tooth structure, gums and existing restorations. The resulting 3D images are immediately available for viewing, giving the doctors an instant visual aid to share with their patients. This increases patients’ understanding about their diagnoses and treatment options and can even help them improve their at-home oral hygiene.

Benefits of the Intraoral Scanner

In most cases, the intraoral scanner replaces the need for traditional impressions. Dr. Ovadia says, “Our patients are not sorry to say goodbye to uncomfortable trays full of gooey, gagging impression material. That was the way to create a cast-stone model of the teeth, but the process wasn’t exactly fun. With the intraoral scanner, we just use a small wand to scan the oral cavity. It’s quick, it’s comfortable, and it’s accurate.”

Unlike conventional X-rays that emit a low dose of radiation, the intraoral scanner projects a harmless laser light to scan hard and soft tissues in the mouth. The images recorded by the scanner are saved and processed by software that produces a 3D model of the teeth and gums. Used for precision diagnostics and treatment planning, the 3D models help the doctors plan minimally invasive procedures for improved efficiency and optimal results. The doctors can even edit and manipulate the images to reflect different aesthetic possibilities, allowing for customizable treatment outcomes.  

The digital images can easily be retrieved for comparison to future scans. The doctors can also transmit them to the restorative specialists and dental labs that design and fabricate patients’ new crowns, inlays and onlays, implant-supported teeth, bridges and more.

Skilled and Caring Dental Specialists

Drs. Tanur and Ovadia have been providing friendly, expert treatment from their state-of-the-art Dallas office since 2001. As board-certified periodontists, they are highly trained and experienced in treating moderate to severe gum disease and in replacing missing or broken-down teeth with long-lasting dental implants. “Making sure our patients get the care they need is our number-one priority,” say Dr. Tanur, “and we are dedicated to providing the technology and treatments that will improve their lives.”

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