PRF Treatment(Platelet Rich Fibrin) in Dallas

prf treatment

Healing from within

After a surgical procedure at Dallas Periodontal Associates, we believe in using your body’s own natural and powerful healing proteins to heal wounds and speed your recovery. That’s why we use a procedure known as PRF treatment, which stands for Platelet Rich Fibrin. This treatment is 100% natural, holistic and chemical-free healing to produce maximum results.

What Is PRF?

Simple Yet Highly Effective Procedure

With a simple blood draw, a concentration of natural growth factors contained in your own blood are used to stimulate and maximize your healing potential. When tissues are required to heal, they need certain proteins and growth factors to stimulate this healing. These are naturally found in the human body.

With the PRF treatment method, your body is able to produce up to 6-8 times more platelets and blood cells when compared to whole blood. That means more growth factors, more ways to fight infection and it also reduces post-op pain naturally.

PRF procedurePRF procedure

How The Treatment Works

The entire prf treatment process takes about 15 minutes in all and is virtually painless. It starts with a simple blood draw done right in the office. This goes into a vial that is placed in our centrifuge machine where the platelets are spun at high speeds to create concentrated and natural growth factors. Once this is done, the platelets are placed in the wound area to immediately assist in the healing process.

Since no additives are used, the healing cells then form a ‘super’ blood clot with significantly elevated concentrations of regenerative cells and growth factors. This gives you 6-8 times more healing cells to help heal faster, regenerate stronger and healthier tissues, fight potential infections and reduce post-operative pain.

We believe in helping you to use your own body’s natural healing powers and with the PRF treatment system, we are able to do that, making your surgical experience that much easier, more predictable and your healing process that much faster.

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