Your First Visit & New Patient Dental Exam

new patient dental exam

Our friendly staff will make you feel at home.

Comprehensive new patient exam and friendly care

Dr. Ovadia and Dr. Tanur are dedicated to providing you the best possible dental treatment in a safe and friendly environment. We make sure this occurs from the time you first walk through our doors.

When you come to our office you will meet our friendly staff who will make your visit comfortable and efficient. They will help you through your initial paperwork and will answer any of your questions. Once your paperwork is completed, you will start your exam.

High-tech diagnostics

We use the latest technology to get a comprehensive view of your oral health and make an accurate diagnosis.

Dental patient with x-ray machine

Our digital X-rays require far less radiation than traditional X-rays and are able to be viewed immediately.

Digital Dental X-rays

We start your exam by taking digital X-rays of your teeth and gums. Our digital X-ray equipment emits less radiation than traditional film X-ray machines, and the images are far sharper.

We x-ray sections of your bite and then take a full panoramic X-ray of your entire mouth. We process them instantly and upload them onto a monitor for you and the doctor to view together.

3D CT scans

When there is a possible need for dental implants or bone grafting as part of your treatment, we will take 3D CT scans. This gives the doctors a 360° 3D view of your teeth, gums and jaw.

These 3D images can be magnified and viewed from any angle. We can view your teeth, gums and bone in-depth without using invasive procedures and can precisely plan your implant placement and other treatments.

Dental Hygienist with 3D CT scanner and patient

Our 3D CT scanner produces sharp 3D images for accurate diagnosis and treatment planning.

Thorough dental exam

Dr. Tanur or Dr. Ovadia will review all the X-rays and the other information you have provided. One of the doctors will then conduct a full oral examination. The doctor will also ask you about your goals and concerns and answer any questions you have.

Inspection of gums and teeth

In the first part of the exam, the doctor will inspect your gums, teeth and bite. After gently probing the depth of the pockets under your gumline to observe the extent of any gum disease, he will check the stability of your teeth by checking for any that are loose. He will also check the alignment of your bite and the amount of gum tissue surrounding your teeth.

Oral cancer screening

The doctor will then conduct a visual and manual exploration of your head, neck and mouth to check for any lesions or other abnormalities in your tissues. If he spots anything in your mouth that looks like it could be a sign of disease, including oral cancer, he will use the VELscope® oral cancer screening device to get a more detailed look at the tissue area.

The VELscope emits a safe blue light that illuminates the tissues inside your mouth. The light illuminates healthy tissue as one color, and tissue showing precancerous or cancerous cell changes as a darker color.

Oral cancer screening machine

Thorough explanation of treatment options

The doctor will tell you what he has discovered and will thoroughly explain your treatment options and answer all of your questions.

Dr. Ovadia and Dr. Tanur show you X-rays, instructional videos and charts as part of their descriptions so you completely understand what is happening with your oral health and how their recommended procedures will work. We  will provide you a detailed written description of your treatment plan so you can easily work out scheduling your treatment.

Dentist and patient discussing procedure

The doctor will thoroughly explain your treatment options and will answer any questions.

$89 New Patient Exam Special Offer

  • Digital panoramic X-rays and 3D CT
  • Periodontal probing and charting
  • Comprehensive oral exam
  • Oral cancer screening
  • Consultation with the doctor
  • Discuss your treatment options
  • Get all your questions answered
  • Written treatment plan
Dentist and patient discussing procedure

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