Dental Implant Problems & Implant Maintenance in Dallas

dental implant problems

Dr. Tanur and Dr. Ovadia frequently see new patients who already had implants placed in the past and who are now having problems with them. Although the vast majority of implants are successful, a very small percentage of implants develop complications that need special treatment or replacement with a new implant.

Dental implants

Experienced implant care specialists

Our doctors are highly skilled and experienced in diagnosing and treating dental implant complications. Using our high-technology diagnostic tools, they can determine the treatment that will be most effective to restore the implant to a stable and healthy condition. In rare instances where it is found the implant has failed and cannot be saved, they will often be able to place a new implant and will explain the treatment needed to do so and will answer all your questions.

Signs of problems with implants

The following are signs that an implant has developed potential complications, and therefore an examination is needed:

  • red or bluish-purple gums around the implant (indicates inflammation)
  • bleeding at the gumline when brushing
  • swelling of gums around the implant
  • sensitivity or soreness around the implant
  • pus coming from the implant or gums
  • the implant is loose
  • the threads of the implant are exposed
Implant swollen gums

Swollen gums around an implant are a sign of potential problems.

Causes of implant problems

Implants that develop complications are rare. However, when they happen, the main sources of difficulty are inadequate implant placement, inadequate crown fit or design, dental cement getting under the gumline, bone failing to integrate with the implant, or the implant becoming infected.

Dental Implant placement failure

An implant can be set in the wrong position or placed where there is inadequate bone support. Sometimes the implant is placed properly but the bone surrounding it fails to integrate with the implant.

In either case, normal biting and chewing forces will cause instability of the implant and it can become loose. It is also more susceptible to infection when unstable.

Infection & Complications

When an implant starts showing complications that include gum disease and bone loss, it has what is known as peri-implantitis.

Peri-implantitis can be caused by a number of factors, including poor oral hygiene, smoking, dental cement for the crown getting under the gumline, and health problems such as diabetes. It can also rarely be the result of bite alignment problems putting excessive pressure on the implant.

If left untreated, the infection and continued bone loss can lead to implant failure.

Peri-implantitis has a number of possible causes, and a full dental exam using our state-of-the-art diagnostics can get to the source of the problem. You should contact us immediately if you notice any of the following symptoms:

  • tenderness of the gums around the implant when brushing
  • the area around the implant is sensitive or sore
  • your gums near the implant start to turn red or purple
  • your gums near the implant start to swell
  • pus drains from the implant area
  • you have bad taste coming from the implant site

Come see us if there is a problem

If you are experiencing any of these problems or have any other questions regarding your dental implants, come in for a full dental exam and we will find out what the problem is and let you know what we can do to remedy it.

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  • Written treatment plan
Dallas dentist and implant patient

To make an appointment, call 214-377-0855 or request an appointment online.

Thorough maintenance and competent cleanings for your implants

Your dental implants can last a lifetime if properly cared for, but since they are not natural teeth they need special instruments to be cleaned correctly. Dr. Tanur and Dr. Ovadia take thorough measures to see that your dental implants receive thorough and proper care after treatment.

Regular dental cleanings a necessity

Just as with your natural teeth, routine cleanings are a must to keep implants free of bacterial plaque and maintain the health of the supporting gums and bone. The doctor and our hygienists will create a hygiene maintenance schedule to ensure you are getting adequate care.

Our hygienists are specially trained in the cleaning of dental implants and will use special instruments that do not scratch the implants when cleaning. Bacterial plaque attaches far easier to scratched or irregular surfaces than to surfaces that are smooth.

Dental hygienist and patient
Our hygienists are trained in the cleaning of dental implants.

The doctor will check with you periodically at the end of your cleaning appointment to check on you and will make any adjustments in your cleaning schedule as needed. It is equally important that you know how to adequately clean your dental implants at home. Our hygienist will train you in the brushing and flossing techniques that are effective and will recommend the best products to use.

To make an appointment, call 214-377-0855 or request an appointment online.

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I can’t believe I finally got my implants done!
It was an amazing experience from start to finish. Dr. Tanur is excellent and provides such great care. He is the only doctor I know who still cares about the patient; it’s not only a job to be done. He calls you on the evening to ensure you are feeling ok and answers any question you may have. He is always available if you need additional information. He is hands down a great doctor but most of all he is an amazing human being.
All the staff is incredibly helpful and friendly.
-Illana L.


Highly recommend Dallas Peridontal Associates. Everyone is very professional and Dr Tanur is so great at what he does! I never believed there was anyone who could save my implant. He not only saved it, but he did it quickly and painlessly. He is the happiest person to be around at 7 am. So energetic and enthusiastic!
-Susan C


Clean pleasant atmosphere in the waiting room, with a very friendly staff. This was my second time to use Dr Tanur. He did a single tooth implant 10 years ago and it’s still going strong. I was unsure if I needed another implant this time, so he took his time showing me my 3D xRays, while explaining my options and the different procedures available. This was just what I needed to help me choose the one that was best for me. Very, very helpful!
-Charles N

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