Dental Implant Problems and Implant Cleanings

Dental implants typically have a 98% success rate. In a small percentage of instances, however, there can be complications. Let’s take a look at some of the problems that can arise with implants and what can be done to keep them in tip-top shape.

Signs of Possible Implant Problems

These signs indicate the possibility of a problem with an implant and that you should, therefore, come in for an exam:

  • red or bluish-purple gums around the implant (indicates inflammation)
  • bleeding at the gumline when brushing
  • swelling of gums around the implant
  • sensitivity or soreness around the implant
  • pus coming from the implant or gums
  • the threads of the implant are exposed
  • the implant is loose

What Causes Problems with Implants?

Problems with dental implants are rare. The patients who come to us tend to be new patients and referrals who received implants in the past and are now experiencing complications. Here are the main types of problems that can occur with dental implants:

  • Improper implant placement   Implants must be placed where there is adequate bone support. If supporting bone is lacking, the implant will lose stability.
  • Failure of the bone to integrate with implant Despite an implant having been properly placed, the bone can, in rare cases, fail to integrate with the implant, which causes the implant to be unstable.
  • Infection surrounding the implant   If an implant is unstable for one of the above reasons, it can make the area more susceptible to infection. A more serious form of infection is called Peri-implantitis, which is characterized as an infection of the gums and bone loss around the implant.

Expert Dental Implant Care

Dr. Ovadia and Dr. Tanur are periodontists, which means that they are specialists in the placement of dental implants as well as the diagnosis and treatment of the gums and bone surrounding the teeth, which can be affected by problems with implants.

If you are experiencing any non-optimum symptoms, Dr. Ovadia or Dr. Tanur will conduct a thorough examination, find out what the problem is, and tell you how it can be resolved.

Keeping Your Implants in Top Shape with Competent Cleanings

Just as your natural teeth require routine cleanings and maintenance, so do dental implants. Implants should be kept free of bacterial plaque. Keeping the gum as well as the bone surrounding and supporting the implant healthy is also vital.

Our hygienists have received specific training for the cleaning of dental implants. The instruments they use are specifically designed to clean implants without scratching their surfaces. Keeping the surface of the implant smooth is important, as scratched surfaces make it easier for bacterial plaque to attach to the implant.

Follow-up cleanings and Home Care

You will be set up on a cleaning program designed to help keep your implants in good shape. Our hygienists will also educate you on proper brushing and flossing around the implant and recommend products best suited for implant care. The doctor will see you at the end of your cleaning appointment and check up on your progress.

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