Is a Comfortable Visit to the Dentist Possible?

At Periodontal Associates, the answer is YES! Patient comfort is a top priority.

Dental anxiety is real, and too often it is caused by the memory of uncomfortable or painful experiences at other dental practices. Dr. Ovadia and Dr. Tanur make sure their patients are comfortable throughout every visit, using minimally invasive treatments and effective pain relief and sedation options to put people at ease.

Every member of the staff is dedicated to providing friendly and attentive care. From the moment a patient comes in, they are treated with kindness and respect. Comfort amenities give the office a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Patients can enjoy TV and fresh coffee in the reception area and blankets and pillows for added comfort during treatments.

Clear Information and Custom Treatment Plans

Ensuring the patient understands their diagnosis and their options is key to reducing stress. Drs. Ovadia and Tanur listen carefully to patients’ concerns and answer their questions in easy-to-understand terms. They design custom treatment plans to suit each patient’s needs and explain every step of the process so there are no surprises.

Minimally Invasive Procedures

Advanced technology and modern techniques allow the doctors to provide minimally invasive treatments that are easily tolerated by their patients.

Ultrasonic scalers are used to provide safe and effective removal of plaque and calculus below the gum line. These high-tech hygiene instruments can be adjusted for patient comfort, and are gentler than traditional scaling tools.

For fast and effective gum disease treatment and cosmetic gum procedures, the doctors use dental lasers, resulting in reduced swelling and faster healing time. Patients often say their laser treatment was pain free. A formula of concentrated growth proteins may be applied, which also promotes healing and minimizes post-op discomfort.

When a local anesthetic is needed, the doctors first use a topical anesthetic to take away the “pinch” associated with injections. They warm the anesthetic to reduce or eliminate the shock to the tissues.

Sedation Options Tailored to Each Patient and Treatment

To ensure that even the most fearful patients have a positive experience, Drs. Ovadia and Tanur offer a range of sedation options. They tailor the selection for each patient and each treatment.

Nitrous oxide helps anxious patients to relax. Because the effects wear off very quickly, patients are able to drive themselves home after their appointments.

Patients who want a deeper level of relaxation may be candidates for oral sedation—a sedative pill taken before treatment that induces a gentle “twilight sleep.” Patients who opt for oral sedation will need a driver to take them home.

IV sedation is ideal for patients who have significant dental anxiety or who are having longer procedures. Administered and monitored by an anesthesiologist, this type of sedation can be adjusted as needed during treatment. Most patients report that they didn’t feel a thing!

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