Laser Disinfection Treatment: What It Is And Why It Works

Dr. Ovadia sitting with a patient, demonstrating how a dental laser can remove diseased gum tissue.

Using High-Tech Dental Lasers to Combat Gum Disease

Modern dental technologies such as dental lasers provide an edge against even the most pervasive gum disease cases. Unlike conventional methods of performing deep cleanings using metal tools and drills, dental lasers make the fight against periodontitis more efficient and comfortable. Not only does laser disinfection treatment help remove diseased or damaged gum tissue by harnessing the precision and control of new dental technology, it also speeds up the healing process.

Image of a woman showing viewer her inflamed upper gum tissue.What is gum disease?

Periodontitis, the technical term for gum disease, is when your gums become severely inflamed and causes all kinds of issues with your oral health. Gum disease can quietly transform from mild inflammation when left unchecked, and escalate into full-blown periodontitis. Regular checkups, cleanings and effective home routines can usually take care of the initial stages of inflammation, but when it becomes too much, often a professional treatment is needed.

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The Benefits of Laser Gum Disinfection Treatment

Laser disinfection sounds really advanced, and that’s because it is. The benefits of using lasers over traditional tools are many, but the most important is that it’s minimally invasive.

Precision targeting

Dental lasers are able to precisely trim away diseased gum tissue without harming the surrounding healthy tissue, this minimizing the overall trauma to the gums. Typically, this makes laser treatment minimally invasive and results in less swelling during recovery.

Effective bacteria reduction

Because of their intense heat, lasers effectively destroy harmful bacteria that hides deep within the gum pockets (spaces between and beneath teeth and gums) which is often where infection occurs. This “bactericidal” (bacteria killing) effect reduces the risk of reinfection, allowing for a more sustainable healing process.

Stimulating tissue regeneration

Dental lasers stimulate the cells in the gum tissue, encouraging faster regeneration of healthy tissue. Your healing time is reduced by a considerable amount due to the nature of how the tissue is removed.

Minimally invasive

Unlike traditional surgery, laser treatment is less invasive, resulting in less damage to the surrounding, healthy gum tissue. This also eliminates the need for sutures and speeds up the overall healing process by removing a step altogether.

Inflammation reduction

Dental lasers have an ability to seal off blood vessels as it cuts away diseased tissue, reducing discomfort and eliminating inflammation. The advanced technology eliminates or greatly reduces the pain associated with removing inflamed gum tissue. Lasers also help form blood clots at the site of treatment, effectively cauterizing the healthy tissue as it removes old, unhealthy tissue. This acts like natural bandages, protecting the underlying bone as new, healthy tissue grows.

How does the laser actually work?

Imagine a dental laser as a tiny lightsaber battling the forces of bacteria and infection in your mouth. Our experienced periodontists will adjust the laser’s settings, ensuring the wavelength suits your specific gum tissues needs. This ensures that only diseased tissue is removed, leaving your healthy gums intact.

What to expect during treatment

Laser dental treatment is typically an hour, depending on the severity of gum disease. While you might experienced slight discomfort, it is significantly less than that of conventional methods of tissue removal.

Post-treatment care

After the procedure is complete, taking care of your gums is fairly simple, and involves the typical routines: brushing, flossing, and regular check-ups.

Take control of your gum health today

Laser gum treatment is not just a recent fad; rather, it’s a revolutionary approach to managing gum disease. It offers a new way of dealing with infection and inflammation with less invasive procedures, and if you’re looking for an effective way to combat gum disease, laser disinfection treatment might be the solution for you.

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